From allegations of laundering campaign funds to getting caught in flat-out lies, there's just something off with this guy. 

FEC complaint alleges Dr. Fig campaign laundering campaign funds

The complaint alleges that Figlesthaler and a campaign staffer are conspiring to help another campaign staffer hide funds and evade creditors.


Local Congressional candidate denies affiliation with arrested man, despite contrary evidence

However, NBC2 has uncovered information that says that isn't true. Matthew Hurley was arrested for contempt of court charges, and numerous sources have confirmed Hurley has worked with Figlesthaler's campaign.

Congressional candidate claims coverage of campaign member is 'fake news' despite piles of evidence

More Republicans are attacking Figlesthaler as he continues to deny that Matt Hurley, who was arrested, was one of his team members.

Lawyer tries to make businessman pay up after owing nearly a half-million dollars

Now attorneys representing the Atrium are asking the court to issue writs of garnishment against other companies the owner claims have money or property belonging to Hurley. They say this is a way to get the judgment paid.

Business relationship to doc found with child porn dogs William Figlesthaler

But the association with someone connected to such a disturbing crime is creating problems for Figlesthaler’s campaign for Congress as he runs on his private-sector record as a successful business owner.


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